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Wise Choice Custom Homes Inc. is the preeminent Custom Home Builder In Palm Coast, FL. Our company is an experienced New Home Builder In Palm Coast Florida. At Wise Choice Custom Homes Inc, we are committed to providing personalized service, exceptional quality, and meticulous attention to detail to guarantee our clients’ complete satisfaction with their new home.

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Our services include custom new homes, luxury home construction, building on your own lot, duplex and multi-family property construction, and lot-finding assistance in Palm Coast FL.

Pre-Construction Planning

When Concepts Take Form & Blueprints Are Created

This is the optimal time for creative creativity to occur. This is the time to describe the type of home you wish to build in Palm Coast FL and the most important elements.

Prospective owners are frequently surprised by the number of decisions and considerations that must be made before the initial digging.

The Wise Choice Custom Homes team breaks the process into a series of stages so you are not overwhelmed.

Construction: The Realization of a Dream

This is when the visions become a reality, the imaginable becomes three-dimensional, and the ideal materializes.

Once all floor plans are in place and the main details have been agreed upon, the construction starts.

All of the contractors working on your project are hand selected to fit their particular role and are aware that quality building necessitates careful consideration of every board and nail.


Post-Construction: Perfecting Details and Move-In Date

As construction comes to a close, we continue to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Before the completion of construction, quality is assured at each stage. There is a final walk-through to ensure that every fixture, design feature, and color has been implemented properly.

Post-construction entails final touches, appliance installation, paint color selection, and other finishing touches.

“Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”